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Affiliate Plan

We use a simple strategy that employs the powerful concept of LEVERAGE to turn a one time $20 into $560 over and over - perpetually!

Our Affiliate program is designed to move FAST and to reward our members with an ever increasing cash flow as they move from Phase 1 to Phase 3.

No matter what your skill level or your past experience, we promise you a truly amazing and rewarding adventure in the weeks and months ahead.

As team members follow you into our portfolio opportunities, starting with 2x2wealth, you will be able to experience success in the form of multiple streams of income.

We work together as a Team to help all team members experience success quickly so their effort can add others to our network by sharing their success stories.


Please accept our warmest welcome to 2x2wealth we welcome you on behalf of every member of our Team.

As we approach the most exciting times we have ever seen in the online business world, we see a future that is going to be amazing.

As a member of our Team, your personal success is the focus of our efforts. Our desire is to see you fulfill your most cherished dreams.

Share with us our vision of a fabulous tomorrow filled with unprecedented growth and prosperity. We invite you to renew your enthusiasm and to be prepared to change your life in a big way.

Your decision to become a part of our Team today is going to be one of the best decisions you ever make!




Do You Have A Burning Desire To Make $560 Over
And Over Starting With Only $20 One-Time Fee?

If we told you there is a NEW and SIMPLE plan to help you achieve reliable 'multiple income streams success' in the next 3 - 6 months (or sooner) would you spare 10 minutes to see how it works?

And...if we could show you how to get started for less than the cost of a large Italian pizza would that be of great interest to you?

At first glance this may appear like many of the other offers you see daily. and you may even be a little skeptical. We respect and welcome your skepticism especially in this day and age when so many different claims and promises are being made in the business opportunity marketplace.

But...here's the deal - if you pay close attention to what you are about to preview, you will see exactly how YOU can get on the road to achieving your desired income goals in the shortest time possible using a people-friendly game plan attached to a simple and supremely lucrative business opportunity.

Your 2x2Wealth System, which is built around a fast-moving 2x2 'feeder' designed to enable anyone and everyone to get started for only $20 - ONE TIME out-of-pocket - and generate enough funds to use the money to promote your current Primary business or any other business you like and scale up to massive, long-lasting success.

Get Started Today!

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